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Joliette Dodge | Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT Dealership in Joliette

Here we meet the needs of each customer with care. We know you have high expectations, and as a car dealership, we rise to the challenge of meeting and exceeding the standards every time. Let us prove to you our commitment to achieve is Excellence.

Our seasoned sales staff look forward to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We invite you to browse our inventory of new and used vehicles currently online and schedule a test drive and examine financing options.

Competence, power, elegance and adventure come together at your Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM and Fiat dealership. Fantastic promotions and financing conditions at the lowest rates on the market crown this superb choice of SUVs, trucks, sedans, power cars and minivans.

Our Showrooms

To present this extraordinary selection of new and used vehicles, your Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Fiat dealership has a virtual showroom on its website and a showroom and service located in Joliette, on rue Curé Majeau.

When you visit our virtual showroom, you can easily communicate with an advisor online to get more information about the vehicle you want. Our advisors, financing experts, and reception staff are all automotive industry professionals.

We follow public health guidelines

Our staff pays full attention to the preservation of your health. All our reception teams, advisers and advisers, and our technicians and our service technicians respect all the directives and recommendations issued by the public health services of Quebec and Canada.

Is Jeep the new Land Rover?

I've been receiving a lot of questions about Jeep lately, and I think it's time to clarify the situation about the American manufacturer. If we looked back 15 years ago, Jeep was…

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Jeep Wrangler to bring back tan Gobi Edition?

  Jeep Wrangler and special editions go along like peanut butter and jelly on toast. Every year, the American brand comes up with many new trims for its star SUV, and sometimes…

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Hellcat Widebody Kit Now Available for Older Dodge Challenger

  The Dodge Challenger has been out for quite some time now. If the model hasn't changed drastically in the past 14 years, it's been improved a lot. And by improved, I mean…

Published on March 16, 2022

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